What if there was place where Kids and Adults could Play, Craft and Create?

Did you know that Playtime is not just for kids but essential for adults too as a source of relaxation and stimulation.
So Come have some fun and some mental stimulation!

Welcome to our store

My name is Shannon P. Curry, and I am the proud mommy to Jason Adam Curry, Jr aka Lil J, and the happy small business owner of Soul Collection’s Sewing Lounge, now 21 years in Business!
And I’m excited to be expanding into New business, right next door, Lil Js Creative Canvas, a subsidiary of Soul Collection’s, inspired by and for our very loving and creative 7yr old son, Lil J, I named after him.
And we’re here to help Enrich your everyday life!

Lil J’s Creative Canvas is a Craft and Playspace where Adults and Kids can come, have fun in Play and/or Ignite your Creative side in Crafting!

Here’s just a glimpse of Creative Play and Creative Canvas Classes; Lego and Duplo Block Building, Drawing, Painting, Coloring, Game Playing, Handsewing, Embroidering, Soapmaking, Bedazzling, Box Crafting, Slime Making, just to name a few.


Featured Classes

Explore a world of creativity with these handpicked craft classes. Sign up for monthly membership and combine with Creative Play. Creative Craft Classes will start in May. Open Play is ongoing weekdays until July.

Hand Sewing Classes

Experience the Satisfaction of Crafting Unique Hand Sewing Hand Sewing Classes

Soap Making Classes

We’ll be making some good smelling, yummy looking soaps, body scrubs and lotions

Paper Crafting

Unleash your creativity with some Paper Crafting Projects

Nail Polish Making

Explore the Art of Nail Polish Making with Our DIY Kits

Cardboard Crafting

Discover the Magic of Upcycling Cardboard into Works of Art.

Slime Time Creating

Discover the Science behind Slime Making for Endless Fun and DIY Projects.